Swap Meets Can Be a Great Way to Unload Unused Stuff And Pick Up Some Things You Need


Have a Swap Meet

Almost everyone has clothes and other used items sitting around in garages and attics. You could have a garage sale and try to get rid of them that way or you can organize a swap meet.

Toys, Clothes or Household Goods

First decide what type of swap meet you would like to throw. If you know a lot of families with children it could be for baby items, children’s clothing, toys or all three. Friends and family may want to host a swap meet that only allows household items. If you homeschool then hold a swap meet for curriculum.

Put Out the Word

Let friends, family members, co-workers and acquaintances know what you are planning. Find out who is able to participate and help. Make sure everyone is willing to do their part in making the swap meet a success. It will not work if only one or two people participate.

Pick a Spot

Make sure you pick a place for the swap meet that meets your needs. The living room of a mobile home is not a wise idea for a twelve family clothing swap. Libraries and fire halls often have rooms that are available for a small rental fee or even free. During the warmer months a back yard or patio would be perfect for a swap meet.

Set Down the Rules

Decide what is going to be acceptable. Tell people up front not to bring trash. If it is broken or stained, throw it away. A swap meet is a place to meet needs not dump your trash. Establish hours for dropping off, browsing and picking up. Make sure that those dropping off items realize that if left their items go to the thrift store.

Make up a list of rules concerning swapping for those participating. Is it one for one or for whoever needs it? Do you have to bring something to share in order to take something home? Do not wait for the day of the swap to decide what is acceptable. Think ahead and plan for the unexpected and you will have a successful swap meet.